My four main areas of service are:

In the years that I’ve been working on roofs in Melbourne, I’ve learnt that honesty and integrity go a long way.

When I work on your roof, you can be rest assured that I’ll not only provide you with high quality service, but I’ll also talk to you openly and honestly about the condition of your roof and the work that I’ve performed.

I love the outdoors, and working on roofs is my passion. You’ll find that I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to a job, and that the materials I use are only the best. From my footwear to my ladder, everything I use to work on your roof is intentional.

Allow me to explain a little about my main areas of service.

You might notice your gutters dripping or leaking, or even have plants growing from them. These are all signs that you need your gutters cleaned. My Gutter cleaning service is probably what most people call for. When I clean your gutters, I’ll not only remove all of the debris, but I’ll also completely unblock all of the downpipes, returning your whole guttering system to perfect working order.

Maybe your finding that your gutters are filling quite regularly. Overhanging trees can be a likely cause to this, and can be quite a hassle to have to regularly maintain them. If this is the case, I would recommend my gutter guard installation service. Over the years I’ve come across many different types of gutter/leaf guards, many promising to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters for the life of the product itself. Sadly there are not many products out there that can deliver what they promise. The product I use is made right here in Melbourne, in the suburb of Wonga Park, and I’ve found this to be the most effective of all the gutter guards that I’ve seen.

As beautiful as surrounding trees are, they can sometimes pose a danger to your roof. In high winds their branches can break and fall through roofs, breaking tiles and sometimes even going through ceilings. If you find that your roof is leaking or you suspect any cracked or broken tiles, I’ll gladly repair or replace them as part of my tile replacement service. Tiles can also break when someone inexperienced walks around on your roof. It doesn’t take much for this to happen, as tiles though strong, can be very brittle. I’ve broken a few tiles in my day, but my experience has taught me the secrets of walking on a roof safely without breaking tiles or causing damage.

But what if your roof has no broken tiles and is still leaking? As rain falls on your roof, it looks for cracks to make it’s way into your ceiling. These cracks are commonly found in the cement mortar holding your roof together. You’ll find mortar along the ridges of your roof, as well as the valleys, hips and gables also. Most Melbourne homes were built using a cement based mortar to bed and seal all of these points on your roof. Unfortunately, this mortar can crack quite easily, allowing water in. If you’ve found cracks in this mortar or even cavities where mortar has fallen away, you’ll need my flexible re-pointing service. I use a flexible pointing material, which is a polymer-based mortar that flexes with your roof as it is exposed to the elements. It is guaranteed not to crack or leak for at least 10 years, and completely seals all the points of your roof, making it look brand new. This material is colour-matched to your roof, and is widely used and recommended by all of the best roofing contractors through-out Melbourne.


Sam Fitzgerald
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