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    Gutter Guard Installation is the perfect solution for homes surrounded by trees

Do you live in a bushy area? Are your gutters constantly filling with leaves? You might want to consider having gutter guard installed!

There are many gutter guards out there, many promising to keep your gutters permanently unblocked and free from debris.

While this sounds like a miracle solution, the reality is, no matter what gutter guard you use, your gutters will still eventually fill and get blocked again. This is due to fine particles getting through the guard and slowly building up, sometimes leaving you with a more serious problem than before.

So what makes my gutter guard different? I supply and install a gutter guard called Great Barrier Leaf Guard by a company in Wonga Park, Melbourne. It’s made from High Density Polyethylene (H.D.P.E), which means it won’t collapse under the weight of leaves, birds or small animals, and it’s slotted design reduces leaf entry by up to 99%.

But what I like most about the guard that I use, is that it’s installed in 1 metre segments, which makes it easy to remove should you need to service your gutters. I couldn’t tell you how many calls I’ve had from people asking to get their gutters cleaned, only to get there and find that they’ve got a permanently fixed gutter guard and that I would need to charge hundreds of dollars in order to clean their gutters and leave them unblocked.

*** Don’t be fooled into installing a permanently fixed gutter guard! Your gutters will still need to be cleaned (or at least inspected) every 2-5 years, even with the best gutter guard out there, and when that time comes, you will need to remove the gutter guard.

The guard I use is easily removed and comes with a 10 year guarantee on the life of the product, followed by my personal 1 year guarantee to keep your gutters completely unblocked and fully functional.

Sam Fitzgerald
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