Roof Restoration Melbourne

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Pressure Cleaning, Re-bedding, and Re-pointing to completely restore your roof at the lowest prices in Melbourne!

Do you want your roof looking brand new again? I offer a roof restoration service that will do just that, at rates the people of Melbourne can afford. Using a high pressure cleaner, I can remove all moss and build-up on your roof tiles, giving it a sparkling finish. Next, I can replace all cracked mortar on your ridges, valleys, hips and gables, completely sealing your roof from the elements and unwanted pests. Maybe part of your roof is missing cement bedding under the ridge-caps, or maybe you just want to replace it all? I can remove the ridge-caps and clean off the old cement, lay fresh mortar in it’s place, and replace all ridge-caps back to how the were when your home was first built. I’ll then apply a flexible polymer-based mortar over the top of the fresh or existing bedding, which will seal off every point and give your roof that new look, just like in the picture on the below. starpointresto This flexible compound is guaranteed not to crack or leak for at least 10 years, and will likely last beyond 20 years! It comes in a wide variety of colours and I’ll be sure to help you choose one that closely matches your roof.   So call today, and I’ll come to you at no cost, and give you a no obligation free quote to restore your roof!


Sam Fitzgerald
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